Because It Is Bitter, and Because It Is My Heart

Because It Is Bitter, and Because It Is My Heart

The new beer fridge has been officially stocked after a trip to Bismarck. I was hoping to stock up on Bell’s Hopslam this time. It’s usually pretty easy in Bismarck because I swear, I used to be the only one in western North Dakota that drank the stuff. Not anymore.

I struck up a conversation with one of the Captain Jack’s managers as we were hauling my haul to the Mercury Land Yacht (TM). He said they had gotten well over a hundred cases and at the rate it was going it wasn’t going to last much longer. Bells brews this stuff in limited batches; they understand supply and demand all too well. So once Bismarck runs out of Hopslam, they are out of Hopslam. I told him I used to be able to find it even in March and he shook his head. “Not anymore, tastes have changed in this town.”

I also got two of my favorite dark beers, Deschutes Black Butte Porter and their Obsidian Stout. I noticed that they had one of my Twins Cities faves stocked as well, the stellar line from Lucid. I bought a couple sixes of the Lucid Foto IPA and one four of Lucid Duce, the oak-aged red ale. And last but always in my heart, a couple sixes of Two-Hearted Ale. It used to be a gamble buying this because what they stocked was usually a couple months old. It must be flying off the shelves now because going by the brew dates, that Two-Hearted came off the truck no more than a couple weeks ago.

The night before we left I ran into Laughing Sun Brewery with one of the growlers my sister-in-law brought at Christmas. I had it filled with their tremendous tongue-bruiser Feast Like a Sultan IPA. For all its ridiculous stats, this is a very well balanced IPA and I had no problems polishing off the growler in a couple days.

So I am stocked now for well into spring. I’m only good for about three or four beers a week so this should last me for some time. I’ll drink the Hopslam first because it doesn’t keep well and enjoy the rest at my leisure. Oak-aged beer, bitter beer, beer so dark it’s opaque. This is what will get me through this ridiculous winter. Skol.

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  1. That Obsidian Stout is both Obsidian and Stout. Like 10W30. I’m not able to handle more than a sip or two. Lots of flavor, however.

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