Will You Take The Oath?

Will You Take The Oath?

I suppose an update on the book is in order for those not in my writing group. The past few weeks I’ve been doing a lot of rewriting, editing, recalculating, and killing hundreds of my darlings. I’ve made a determination of what I think are the weak points in my narrative and what could be expanded. It took me a few days to hit my groove but it’s there now.

The series now has a working title: The Order of the Repentant. I know of some writers (especially younger ones) that obsess over titles and chapters to the point of ignoring the important point, writing something compelling. So for me, story first. But in doing some rewriting and polishing this name came to me. The Order is an important part of the book as the main protagonists all belong to it or are affected by its actions. I had not come across the a name for the group until a month or two ago. I played with the names of criminal gangs in the 1800s but none of those had the weight, the darkness. Then, while watching some old Brit movie, it came to me. Once that happened, some over things about the story fell into a new place and in a way, a bit more focused. The path to books two and three are clearer now.

I also came up with the oath that you must swear to if you join. If I ever get published and do readings, I am SO making people recite this bit of doggerel. I think it hammers home that our protagonists are not white knights.

The Oath of the Order of the Repentant

On this day, I renounce my past, my sins, my transgressions, for I am truly repentant for all the evil I have done. I now embrace the evil that I will do in the name of the Order.

On this day I swear that I will join with my sisters and brothers for the eternal fight against the tyrants, to drown their flames with blood. To their sun I bring the moon and stars. To their order I bring chaos. To their authority I bring anarchy. To their spring I bring winter. To their rebirth I bring eternal death. I will oppose them on this and every plane. This I do swear.

Now if I can just figure out the design for the tattoo each member gets I’m set.

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5 Responses to Will You Take The Oath?

  1. Noreen says:

    http://www.rankmytattoos.com/f/wmimages/devil-tattoo-120310813618588.jpg And if you have those neck fat rolls, you can turn them into double or triple chins!

  2. Been there, done that about rewriting, editing and all that writer stuff. I’ve published my book but now I have to market it.
    ‘The Order of the Repentant’ sounds like a good title for a book. I thought the title for my book, ‘The Watchers’ would be unique but I was wrong. Oh well… no big deal I guess.
    I’m struggling to turn my jets back on to work on my second book. Good luck on your books.
    J. B.

  3. Reblogged this on Author J. Bernhardt and commented:
    The Oath sounds great. Maybe look up old Christian or Agnostic symbols on the Internet. Or take the separate parts of the Oath and find a symbol for each and then combine them in some fashion.

    • jeroljohnson says:

      I thought about that. Right now the tattoo is a moon and three stars. Moon because our heroes oppose a group that uses the sun as their symbol, three stars because they consists of two families and one being/god. I assume an editor might have some thoughts on this provided I find one.

      • Finding an editor/publishing agent is one of the hardest part of being a new author. If you got a few chapters written I would suggest starting to look now. There is also the self-publishing route which is the way I went, but it can get sort of expensive. The best of luck man. Keep on keepin’ on and don’t lose faith in what you’re doing.

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