With a Head Full of Snow

With a Head Full of Snow

The snow is falling and it’s a welcome sight. Unlike the rest of the country, we haven’t had much snow since Christmas. Bone-chilling temperatures we have had in abundance but snow has been scarce. So I appreciate a fresh blanket outside. The dog is less enthused.

Over on Twitter, there was an invitation for literary agents and editors to post the manuscript wish lists with the hashtag #MSWL. I found that if I did a search for “#MSWL Fantasy” I could get most of the entries for my genre of choice. I sifted through them, tossing aside anything for Middle Grade or Young Adult, or urban fantasy, etc. I winnowed it down to five promising agents who are looking for something somewhat akin to what I’ve been working on.

So my plan is this. I will spend the next week or two concocting a query letter. Then I’ll tailor a version for each agent. With a some luck, it might be sufficient to get a request for the manuscript. That might send me into delirium so I’ll just focus on getting the query crafted and go from there. And as always, I’ll continue fine-tuning the manuscript.

So I don’t mind the snow. Carjo is sick of winter and was spinning out a little bit yesterday when someone gave a long range forecast saying we weren’t going to get much of a spring. I managed to find one this morning that disagreed and it gave her hope. But I’ll sit at my desk and let the flakes come down. I’ve got work to do.

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