Content Cats and Fevre Dreams

Content Cats and Fevre Dreams

I must have been battling some sort of infection or something the last couple days. I’ve been waking in pools of sweat, nagged by the most surreal and demanding dreams that fade upon awakening. Then I fall asleep again and the cycle repeats in an hour.

Today I feel like I am past that. I shaved for the first time since the accident and that’s always a good thing. Beards are a pain, they itch and they’re a magnet for cat hair and lint. I’m fine with a couple days growth but after that it is unbearable and I have to shave.

A few hours ago my back went SPROING while sitting in my office chair. I slammed a couple of Advils to beat back the ensuing inflammation and I hope that will be the end of that. Any time you have one side of your body seriously out of sync with the other over-compensating, strange things are bound to happen. This is something I’ll be dealing with for the next couple months.

Bottom line though is I do feel better overall. I won’t be taking any more of those crappy Norco pain relievers. Jasper and Sneaks are back to manning the watch on the man cave bed. Just now Sansa the war criminal has joined them. So maybe they’re picking up on my improved vibes and happy to be there. Or maybe they’re just cats and they don’t give a good damn.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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