Guilty, Party of One?

Guilty, Party of One?

Sansa, the cat whom I was climbing the aforementioned tree to save, has been absent of my attentions of late. She’s a little cuddler and has generally demanded a certain amount of my time every day. But since the accident, she’s been a bit scarce. My brother said she deserved a least a week’s worth of long, cold states but really, we all know that these animals don’t feel guilt or regret on any level we can relate to. My guess is that she was either feeling a negative vibe from me, or just freaked out by the big damn thing at the end of my leg.

Today we had a breakthrough. First she leaped up on my lap as I was sitting on the commode and not just because it was an easier way to the food dish on the bathroom counter. She grunted and laid on her back for chest rubs, talking nonsense and purring. And just now, four hours later, she jumped into my lap while I’m at my desk, all purrs and chatter. Now that her needs for face time have been met, she’s on the bed grooming herself and feeling perfect, privileged, and spoiled. Which she is. All hail Sansa, first of her name.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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