If I Could Dance Like Snoopy…

…I would today. It’s a cold day but the sun was shining for a while. My cousins are going to Minot and I asked them to pick up some essentials, cat food and boxes of wine. Yeah, that’s a frightening insight but anyway, we needed both and it will be almost two months before I make a trip like that. So I wanted my wife to get cash at the ATM downtown. She wanted to get some groceries as well so she could kill a couple birds at once but then she decided she wanted me to go with. There’s no way I could navigate downtown without a wheelchair but she figured I could get into the car and just be with her. Soooooo….

I made it down the steps outside far better and faster than I thought. I just kept a hand on the rail and hopped down on my good foot. From there it was a few quick steps on the walker to the car and I swung into the passenger side of the car without a hitch. I was a little excited. I was outside, breathing fresh air and the sunlight was a warm, lingering caress. It felt sensational. We drove downtown.

I sat in the car while Carjo ran about, heating up in sunshine, listening to NPR. The dog stayed in the backseat, which was a miracle. I’m not one for sitting still but this was a good sit. I just basked in it. Carjo returned with her groceries and then ran back to pick up a couple sandwiches from the cafe. We drove to the park on the north side of town and ate, watching a man with three small children and an enormous dog meander through the park. Pippin started to bark but we shushed him. The dog in the park has taken craps the size of Pippin and we didn’t need small dog bravado. Carjo loves a picnic, even in the car. My restlessness is usually tried by them but this was sublime. I was free, I was outside and somewhat mobile. That was more than enough to make my day.

So now I’m home. I played some scales on the guitar trying to get my calluses going again. I did just a little writing, enough to crack my knuckles. Yeah, today is a good day.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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