I’m a Reading Machine

I'm a Reading Machine

Today I went in for my post-surgery checkup. They cut off the brace/bandage/torture device off my left leg, pulled the sutures, and wrapped me in something far more comfortable and light. My leg is still too swollen for a cast but it is healing well and when I get the cast next week it will only be on for 3-4 weeks rather than 6. That’s a win folks.

I’ve been burning through a lot of books on the iPad. A couple nights ago I finished Abaddon’s Gate by James SA Corey, the third book in the superb Expanse series. This is probably the best space opera I’ve read since Iain Banks. That’ll be the third book I’ve finished since the accident. Now I think I’ll switch gears to either a mystery or fantasy, it’s hard to say. But I have to keep my leg up so there’s not much else I can do other than read, write on the laptop, or watch TV/movies. My wife’s taste in movies isn’t mine and we have yet to find much of a compromise. At least we agree on TV shows. Most of the time…

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