Streaming Schreaming

I was just reading that Last FM is going to ditch its online library and rely on music mined from YouTube and Spotify. It’s those evil bastards at the big record companies that are driving this, cranking up the license fees to attempt to stabilize a business model that’s been dead for a good fifteen years. Over on Metafilter, the consternation and pantie twisting from Last FM fans is going into overdrive. I say; Meh.

I have been accused by IT guys of having a digital music library that could beggar a radio station. Well, given how reliant radio stations are these days on playing the same narrow playlist ad naseum (exceptions: most NPR music stations and some of the satellite radio stations) that doesn’t surprise me. I am a bit obsessive about music and the amount of CDs and LPs in this house might be considered by some to be a bit…excessive. I do know plenty of souls that have even bigger collections but still, my name is Jerol and I am a media junkie.

I’ve tried all the streaming services at one time or another, I find the concept wanting. For one thing, I live in a rural area and when we’re on the road, anything but satellite radio is impossible. You can’t stream anything on a phone or tablet out here, at least not out of range of your own wifi. But second, for a schizophrenic music freak like me it is about impossible to find a service that can match the library I have at my fingertips. I just went from Rush to Stan Rogers, a switch like that would give most streamers whiplash. I have about 500g of music on the laptop I’m writing this entry on. My iPad has well over a thousand songs. Then there’s my desktop PC which is hooked up to a 3T external drive. If I want to know about new music I just have to turn on NPR, go online to Progressive Ears, etc. When we lived in the Twin Cities I’d just go to the libraries and never run out of CDs to check out.

So while I understand the sorrow over Last FM I will not join the mourning. I always curse the big record labels and their swinish behavior but this isn’t impacting me. There are a ridiculous amount of ways to find new music or hear the classics/standards. Streaming will always be imperfect in this country. Get inventive, find a new way to scratch that itch. It’s not that hard.

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