I Have a Shield Maiden of My Own

I Have a Shield Maiden of My Own

We are now well into the second season of the History Channel’s Vikings. Carjo complains about the anachronisms in the dialog and it does have its share, but there’s so much to love. They are having a good time subverting gender roles, especially last night when Ragnar’s erstwhile first wife Lagertha (Katheryn Winnick) came back to join her husband in the battle for his lands. And of course, there’s Floki, played with scene-stealing gusto by Gustaf Skarsgård. Last night had the best battle sequence we’ve seen, with a clear vision of what was happening, who was staying alive and why, etc. I really think this show has hit its stride.

My own shield maiden, was kicking ass in the kitchen this morning while I was a Viking in the basement. I discovered that I can ease myself down the stairs by sliding on my ass like I did when I was a kid. From there I ease myself into Dad’s old office chair and I can push myself around the basement. I stocked the fridge, cleaned out the litter boxes, and ransacked our luggage for a canvas messenger bag.

In my crippled state, I carry a lot of stuff when moving from the bedroom to man cave to living room: my iPad, a book or two (Mr. Penubmra’s 24 Hour Bookstore), the cell phone, headphones, a bottle of Ibuprofen, etc. I have grown tired of having to ask Carjo to schlep this stuff for me. I tried a paper bag with a handle but it tore so I needed something more substantial. This will work quite well and give me the illusion of some self-sufficiency.

I’m still a good month away from walking these halls like a true Viking. But at least I no longer feel like a thrall to my leg.

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