A Change of Venue

A Change of Venue

The painting above is Childe Hassam’s Boston Common at Twilight. It is a splendid piece of American art and a print hangs in our living room above the couch. And for now, it is the kind of art I am surrounded by for the next few weeks.

I can’t work in the man cave. There’s no way to elevate my foot there and I was given a firm instruction to keep it elevated. So I have moved operations to the living room. It’s going to mean wearing headphones a good part of the time as my wife tends to come in, find an annoying news channel or some medical channel showing footage of operations or procedures in the ER, and camp our for awhile. I gotta keep my head down, my mouth shut, and the volume in the phones cranked up when that crap is on. But it will work for as long it has to. And not one second longer.


OK, that didn’t work. The laptop has developed some sort of ability to screw up the display font on everything and it’s going to take a while to get the fonts back to normal. In a last ditch effort, I went back to the man cave to consider alternatives. It is impossible to put a bench of the right height underneath my desk BUT I found that by turning the trash can upside down, sticking a memory foam pillow across the top of that and the PC tower, I could get my leg to just about the ideal height. I’ll have to give myself breaks to move to the bed and get my foot up higher but it’ll work. And this is the last boring post I will make about my broken ankle travails until I get the goddamn cast off. I swear by the old gods and new.




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