I’m Drivin’ In My Car Now…

We just took a spin around town and man, it was nice to get outside. We had some bills to mail/drop off, mail to pick up, etc., and then we drove out by the BBQ place just outside of town. The temperature is in the high 50s, which for most North Dakota natives feels like 75. I had a sweatshirt on while driving and I was getting too warm.

This is a nice clip of Alice, back in the day when he and that band actually were somewhat dangerous, before the band broke up and AC’s act descended into shtick. He might not have been the most articulate spokesman of us late baby boomers but a lot of his early stuff (especially “Eighteen”) were songs we could identify with. The band never had the visceral impact of the upper tier of early 70s bands but they could kick up some dust, especially when they had a riff like this one.

On the night of my high school graduation, my entire class were changing into their gowns in the school cafeteria. Someone had brought in a small cassette tape player and “School’s Out” was being repeatedly blared at the highest possible volume. A couple of my female classmates climbed on top of one of the dining tables and were dancing and singing along. The kicker was, I think it was a couple of the “good girls”. Our superintendent opened the door, surveyed the situation, and said to the principal, “here’s one more class I’m glad to see the last of”. My hat is off to Alice for an anthem that, at the time, meant something.

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