The Jasper Update

The Jasper Update

This cat is one tough, robust sonovabitch. For a little while we were making final plans for Jasper. He was making some strange noises in his throat, had trouble purring and couldn’t speak at all, there was this gurgling cough that was scary to consider, he had been sleeping poorly… But last night he walked into the living room like he used to, climbed up on the top of the love seat, and started to groom himself. This morning he took a solid three hour nap and climbed into my lap for attention when he was done.

So maybe this isn’t cardiomyopathy or some other system failure, just an upper respiratory bug that he is now shaking off. This cat is old but has always been pretty robust. If he really has turned the corner it’s a sure sign of his stubborn ability to keep on truckin’. And I am thankful for that.

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