Good Things Come to Those Who Wait…and Wait….and Wait

Good Things Come to Those Who Wait...and Wait....and Wait

I have made a few posts about the deplorable state of science fiction on television and its equally dismal future. So you can imagine my glee and jubilation when this news broke:

For those unfamiliar with The Expanse, it’s a trilogy set in the somewhat near future in our solar system. I just finished Abaddon’s Gate a few weeks ago and the series is one of my favorite space operas in at least a decade. James SA Corey is the nom de plume of Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck. These two fiendish bastards put us on quite the ride in these books. Once the plot is set in motion the pace is relentless, the characters often quite remarkable, and the prose is as smooth as the hull on a starcruiser. Daniel Abraham has built up a reputation as a thinking man’s fantasy author and Ty Franck is the assistant of George RR Martin (by now you should know who that is or I don’t know what you’re doing here). I feel obligated to post this photo which I think was taken after the shock of the TV deal settled in.

James S_ A_ Corey

Of course, this is SyFy so my guess is some of the grit will be scaled back, profanity removed, etc. But with capable writers and an adequate budget this should be the series we genre fans have been waiting for a very long time (depending on when you thought BSG jumped the shark).

I haven’t been this excited since HBO announced that they were picking up a series based on a fantasy book called Game of Thrones. We all know how that turned out.

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