And That’s How We Roll On Easter

This Holy Weekend, Carjo and I commemorate the bad times. There was an Easter in our past when we had zero money, no invitations to dinner, crushing debts, and hardly any groceries in the house. So after church we came home, fried up cheeseburgers and watched Popeye on an old VHS tape (our cable had been disconnected).

Not many people are fond of the Popeye movie and I admit it’s not a perfect film. We saw it as young marrieds and though we are not fond of musicals, several of the songs made it into our couples vocabulary: He’s Large, Everything is Food, etc.). It became a thing for us. Lots of couples have “things”, little touchstones that they share together again and again. Popeye is one of those for us.

I’m dispatched to find Franco Zeffirelli’s Jesus of Nazareth for my wife to view, either on Netflix, Amazon, or cable. Carjo will play her dad’s Tennessee Ernie Ford albums. And despite the fact that Carjo will be making a traditional ham dinner this weekend, our main meal for Easter will be cheeseburgers, followed by a viewing of the Popeye movie. You can’t celebrate the good times without remembering where you have been.

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