Goodbye Cast, Hello Boot

Yesterday we drove to Williston with fingers crossed. Would I get my cast off? Would the X-rays show enough progress? I prepared myself for disappointment. The good news was that I did well enough in healing to get the cast off. We brought with a boot that I had ordered off Amazon for under $40, not to mention eligible for Amazon Prime (both the doctor and the PA admitted Amazon Prime was a necessity of living out here). The doctor said that the boot I would have gotten from the clinic would have been billed at somewhere between $250-350. Yeah, there’s nothing wrong with the American medical system. The bad news was that I have to wear the boot everywhere, including in bed and I could still not put any weight on it for another six weeks. So much for mowing the lawn this spring.

I’ve gotten over the disappointment of being somewhat immobile for another long stretch of time. If it means I’ll be healed up enough to do whatever I want for the rest of my life, it’s a small price to play. I’ll try not to cheat and walk on it though it is a sore temptation. The boot is a dramatic improvement over the cast in terms of comfort and weight. It is something I can live with.

The video is Charles Mingus’ Goodbye Pork Pie Hat, an elegant elegy for Lester Young. It’s become a standard and covered by anyone but the original is still the best. It was Mingus’ birthday yesterday and had I not been tied up at the clinic I would have posted this then. But it’s still worthy of noting. Mingus was a thorny genius, a brilliant composer and arranger, and of course, one of the wickedest bass players on the face of the earth. Play it in a dark room with a drink of your choice and let it wash your day away. That’s what I did yesterday.

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