Trying to Kill a Darling

Trying to Kill a Darling

I have a character who is charismatic, badass, and witty. He’s fun to write and he could easily take over the book. So I think I’m going to have to kill him sooner or later. I incorporated some flaws because hey, nobody’s perfect but it still wasn’t enough. Nah, I gotta twist the knife some more. Right now I’m working on changing his final POV chapter in book one and then we’ll see how far he gets in book two.

That’s the thing with badass characters. They’re fun to create and write about but ultimately, it’s hard to make them well-rounded and nuanced. Hell, it took George RR Martin quite a while before we began to even like Jaime Lannister, let alone root for him. My badass is one of the “good guys” but he’s finding his progress too easy. So today I killed a few thousand words in one chapter so I can go back and fix a few things regarding this character. You can’t let characters become too precious to you. Otherwise there are no stakes, no tension, no delicious ambiguity. So it’s back to the salt mines. And so it goes.

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