Towards Building a More Fantastical World

Towards Building a More Fantastical World

I was working on my query letter this morning, fussing and fidgeting on the hook in the letter. This forced the reflection that there are a couple aspects to my book that could use a little fussing and fixing. It’s nothing major. Thousands of my darlings will not die as a result of my actions. But hopefully the conspiracies and conflicts will find a deeper resonance that they already do. I must dwell on this now while I eat my leftover pizza.

I want a world as rich as the one in this painting, something that upon first sight you want to go there, walk the streets, and climb that monolith. My ego tells me that I have done that the best I can but there are always doubts. So I’ll spend this cold, unseasonable day in the man cave, dwelling on what is and what could be.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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