Blown in the Wind

Blown in the Wind

My wife has been on a spree of buying little things to decorate outside. Last summer, in the same catastrophic storm that took out our trees in the backyard, some wind chimes bit the dust. So this spring she got a new set of “natural” sounding chimes and a hanger. Of course, this meant someone had to set it up.

The screws for the hanger were weak and the material that the steps are made of is tough. So I stripped the screws quite well driving them into the steps. The only thing that will get that hanger off now is either a pry bar or a tornado. This is on the east side of the house, away from the prevailing winds but we get an eastern breeze often enough. And then my wife can open her kitchen window and get the gentle rattling of wood in the wood, somewhat in tune.

It’s 80+ degrees here, the first time we’ve hit that since last summer. I am mowing the lawn, albeit in increments. The last vestiges of my bronchitis leave me winded and let’s face it, three months with my leg in the air and ass in the chair have crippled my endurance. But I get out there, mow about 900-1000 square feet and take a breather. It’ll be done by the end of the day and like the rest of the civilized world I’ll have a yard that looks somewhat tamed. And that Bells Two Hearted Ale at the end of the day is going to be hard won.

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