We Are Floating in Space

I woke up today to rain and high winds. Now there’s barely a cloud in the sky but a wind so fierce that only one of our cats dares to venture out. They HATE high winds.

Here’s something trippy to chill to. For someone who has never taken recreational drugs, it is astounding how much druggy music I listen to. Spiritualized’s motto was “we take drugs to make music for people to take drugs to.” Right now I’m playing Glowsun, a French stoner rock band on the living room stereo. I like the dynamics, the sludgy guitar riffs, the way it rocks insistently in the background as I work on my laptop. About the only running through my system right now is a Coke Zero and the scent of a Nap Champa stick burning on the coffee table.

If I am truthful, my ADHD makes me spacey enough the way it is. Sometimes a conversation with me is like dealing with a junkie. It drives my poor wife nuts most days, listening to my half-jointed stories that omit pertinent information. The odd thing is that when I’m writing, with my incense burning and drugged out tunes blaring, my faculties are at their clearest, my focus as sharp as a lance. I’m just grateful that I can do one thing right.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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