And Yes, It was a Happy Morning

I started my campaign of query letters this morning and I feel quite happy about it. And now I will go back to work on the book. There’s some things in the manuscript I want to tidy up and then it’s back to book two in the series. Book two is standing at approximately 25K words and it’s time to trim a few of those and get some more cranked out.

As an update to my last post, I did jump on the bike with my iPod set to earbleed volume and started pedaling. My ankle began to protest almost immediately. So that is off the exercise menu. Carjo and I walked down the block, with me wearing my oversize flip flops and shuffling like an old man. But at least I did something. It’s going to be a long road back. It might even be a while before I can make it around the block. Pretty sad for someone who used to do a couple miles on a regular basis but what can you expect with an ankle that was messed up as bad as mine.

So my summer schedule is one of getting back into shape into multiple ways. First of course is physical, getting my wind and strength back. Second is to begin writing on a daily basis instead of tweaking book one and writing queries. The third would be back to some of these home repair projects, especially in the basement. And the last would be picking up the guitar. I haven’t seriously practiced since I started focusing on getting the book done last fall. I haven’t been able to play while I’ve been laid up because it is just impossible to pick at a guitar with your left leg up at hip level and your right going in another direction. Now I can finally sit upright long enough to regain my calluses and work on those damn chord changes. And if I can do all of these the happy mornings will continue

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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