In Which My Enthusiasm for Baseball has been Tempered by Reality

In Which My Enthusiasm for Baseball has been Tempered by Reality

For those readers who take little interest in sports this might be a good point to stop reading. This is not going to be pretty but it has to be done. My Minnesota Twins once more have reached for the stars and instead found only mismanagement and ineptitude.

I toyed with the idea of posting a long rant at the All Star break. But Aaron Gleeman just posted on Twitter that the Twins are now 29-33. Their record last season at this point: 29-33. They had been toying with a .500 record but now they’re back on a pace to lose 90+ games.

General Manager Terry Ryan is all enthused now about a meaningless free agent signing. Local sportswriter Pat Reusse is defending it for some odd reason. He’s just glad that the Twins are spending money to be competitive. No. We’re signing a guy who hasn’t swung a bat in a year who will leave at the end of the season. Nice deal if you’re Kendrys Morales but another 1B/DH does us no good. It just means that backup catcher Josmil Pinto, the guy with the second most home runs on the team. spends more time on the bench. This, of course, is from the same brain trust that thought four years of Ricky Nolasco was a brilliant signing so go figure.

At this point in the season, pitching is the problem but no one in the front office has any solutions and the team of manager Ron Gardenhire/pitching coach Rick Anderson don’t exactly have the best record getting stud performances out of duds. Hughes has been the only bright spot. Gibson has lost his mojo. Corriea, Deduno, and Nolasco all mean I’ll be biting on the remote control or texting a friend for a lifeline by the 5th inning. None of them have any business being in a major league lineup, let alone being a starting pitcher

We just got clubbed by the Astros. At home. I repeat, the Astros. Now they descend into a hellish road trip that could easily put them ten games below .500.

This spring Gardy screwed up the roster from the start with his insistence on “clubhouse” guys like Bartlett and Kubel. The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result. In essence, that’s Gardenhire and Ryan. “Clubhouse” guys don’t do a damn thing if they can’t play the game. “Pitch to contact” doesn’t mean a thing if you have slow white guys in the outfield. Gardy’s mode of thinking is at least ten years in the past and he’s not showing he’s the sharpest tool in the shed. He loves those hustlin’ battlin’ guys that everyone can get along with but Pinto sits on the bench. Not that catcher Kurt Suzuki blows. But this team used to DH Joe Mauer to keep his bat in the lineup? What’s the difference here? Time to kick Gardy upstairs and put Paul Molitor in charge.

And what of Joe Mauer, the Anointed One, the Minnesota Nice kid who was going to be the superstar of the ages? Well, like last year, he’s striking out a surprising amount for a former batting champion, he shows all the passion and fire of a ninety year old, and while some say he’s still a threat with runners on base, he has just over a dozen runs batted in. Hell, they should bench the guy and play Morales at first. Maybe that’s the master plan. It would make more sense than whatever plans management had in play before.

This has been Jerol is a Disgruntled Fan Rant #7. Copies can be purchased from your local sports radio station.

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