My Taste is Forever Fluid

I’ve been drifting away from prog rock in this last year. If I hear one more tricky time signature change just for the sake of having a tricky time signature I think I’ll break a Gentle Giant CD. If I had one. About the only current prog bands I can take right now are Sonus Umbra, King Crimson, and of course Porcupine Tree. I was playing a lot of ambient music for a while but that’s worn thin. I have found that the bands that skirt the edge of prog with some psychedelic overtones like the Future Kings of England, Ephemeral Sun, or the one album wonder, Vietgrove, is the closest I can get to prog now.

Most of all, I’ve been playing a lot of indie rock, sloppy rock n roll, blues rock, and old school hard rock. Just guitars turned up and worn down to the knees, a drummer slapping everything in sight while the bass tries to keep it together, and a lead singer draped over the microphone like an IV stand. I’ve got a playlist on my office PC called Loosely Tight (a phrase coined by Jimmy Page, who knew the value of sloppy playing) that has a few hundred songs. I just put it on shuffle and let it blast all afternoon. It could be the Replacements one track, Jason Isbell another, and then Zeppelin comes rumbling through the speakers. Nothing played to precision but a lot of heart.

Who knows what I’ll be listening to in a couple months. Maybe a jazz phase is coming, or I’ll find some undiscovered cello concertos. Just as long as it’s not country or show tunes. Hunt me down like a rabid dog if that happens. God I hate country.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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