Plaid Shorts with a Very Wide Waist Blues

Today is Friday, the day that all packages circling around in the postal/shipping ether come to rest in our small town. So I waved the keys in front of the dog, an act which reduces the already minimal activity in his brain to one thought: THE CAR! I followed the frenzied beast to the garage and we were off. Sure enough, there were a couple of small packages stuffed in the box and two more waiting behind the desk, big dust-encrusted LL Bean bags. And in one of those bags was something my wife ordered for me: Fat Ass Cove Plaid Shorts.

No, LL Bean doesn’t call them that. They fit me to a tee, the plaid was nothing horrible, and they seem quite comfortable. But they are still the epitome of “dad shorts”. Put a pair of these on it’s guaranteed you can smell the meat being burnt on the grill and the classic rock blaring in the background.

Speaking of the classic rock, I also got the newly remastered deluxe editions of Led Zeppelin I, Led Zeppelin II, and Led Zeppelin III. The sound is stellar. I can’t hear any compression on what I’ve listened to, maybe a little bit of boost on the bass on some tracks (no problems with that), and the clarity is stellar. I’ll be torturing the cats and Carjo for weeks with this stuff. The bonus disc on I is a show from 1969 at the Olympia in Paris. A rough recording but the band is young and hungry. They BURN. There’s a lot of rough mixes and alternative takes on II and III. But the true gems among those are the organ/guitar jam on II entitled “La La”, a blues jam that closes the bonus material on III, and the ethereal but gritty bliss of “Jennings Farm Blues”, an electric jam of the riff from “Bron-Y-Aur Stomp”. This has been passed around in bootlegs for years but the version we have now is clear, crisp, and as solid as rock can get. I’ll make sure to listen to it at least once with my plaid shorts on.

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One Response to Plaid Shorts with a Very Wide Waist Blues

  1. Sorry about the plaid shorts – but in one way or another, these type of things present themselves. Sometimes, it’s ok to simply accept them and move on. Now, that second package sounds delightful. We like our Led Zepplin young and hungry.

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