Safe Inside for Caturday

Safe Inside for Caturday

A few weeks ago I folded an old but indestructible wool blanket across the top of the living room couch. I figured that Daniel would be the cat to claim it but instead Arya grabbed it as her throne and no one tells her what to do, except maybe Jasper. So she spent a couple hours there this morning.

Last night, around nine thirty, the weather alarms started going off on my iPad and we switched the TV to the all-weather channel run by a station out of Minot. At first it was just a thunderstorm warning but then the TV switched to one of those crude EAS signals. We were under a tornado warning. When our weather channel came back on, they confirmed it, there was a large system with rotation brewing to the west of us, 50,000 feet high and bearing hail. It made for a tense couple of hours.

Carjo has a huge fear of tornadoes though she’s never been in one. Fear of tornadoes is a sensible thing but her mother was a freak about them and it was drilled into the daughter. As for me, my mom took me out in the street when I was a little kid to watch a funnel cloud in the distance. That wasn’t exactly the best storm training either. So Carjo was a bundle of nerves and I was a little too calm. Somewhere there is a happy medium.

We watched this beast develop on radar. Somewhere west of town it dumped most of the hail and there was a funnel cloud ten miles west of us that never touched down. We did get hail when the storm hit. We were in the process of putting all the pets in the basement. I had picked up Sneakers, who had absolutely no protest for once and was carrying him down the hall when the first hailstones hit the roof. I sent Sneakers down the stairs and turned. There was Daniel trotting down the hall, saying “wait for me.” So we got them all downstairs without a problem and then watched the system on TV, watching the storm sweep over us and then past us. And the sky to the west was clear by eleven o’clock.

We took the dog, got in the car, and drove around town. I drove out into the country and swung by the farm. Then we came home. The cats were back to being blasé. This morning, when I was awakened by the stench of a foul abomination left in the litter box ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE HOUSE, Arya and Daniel were demanding to be let outside. It wasn’t even six am. So yeah, they got over it.

Arya came back in eventually and spent a couple hours up on her throne. Now she’s considering going out again. I wish all of us could be that resilient.

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