Well, Ain’t We a Pair

Well, Ain't We a Pair

That’s a line from Mad Max: Beyond Thunderdome. I quoted it several times this weekend. My wife was battling severe back pain and I was burdened with a glorious ankle, all swollen and aching. We spent Saturday going up and down the streets of a small town, shepherding my mother-in-law at the centennial celebration of her home town. Dealing with someone in her late 80s can be a little exasperating and add to that both of us hobbling like Quasimodo made for a long day. My wife was near a breaking point of sorts and I wasn’t far behind. We drove back to Bismarck, a hundred mile trip that would have normally been the final straw for the day. Ahead was another night away from home, sleeping on a small bed, with incessant traffic noise sluicing in through the windows. I turned to Carjo a few miles out and said, “if you want me to drive home, I can do it.”

Her bleary eyes widened. “If you can do it, it would mean the world to me.”

It’s two hundred plus miles back to our house from Bismarck and it was nine thirty pm. I’ve done longer late night drives but I was a younger man then. Not to mention we were both exhausted. Yet my wife agreed. We dropped my mother-in-law off at her apartment and loaded the car as quick as we could, the excitement and adrenalin building. We threw everything in the trunk, said our goodbyes to the MIL who was fading fast, and started driving out of Bismarck. We took a one-way north and started hitting green lights, my wife urging me on with each one turning green. “Go go go”. On to the street leading to highway 83 and we’re still hitting green lights. “Go go go.” she urged. Across I-94 the sun was setting to the northwest. “Go go go” as we swept through north Bismarck, still hitting the greens. We got to the last light, outside the city limits past the biker bar. It was green as we approached. “Go go go”.

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One Response to Well, Ain’t We a Pair

  1. Noreen says:

    Mom says she had a fantastic time. She thanks you, and so do I, for all your efforts.

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