Comics, e-readers, and Me

Comics, e-readers, and Me

I just purged all of the comics and graphic novels off my iPad. I was reading an X-Men comic when I came to the realization that I was sick of always configuring the panel size to adapt to my middle-age vision. It was hard to read the small print and if I got to a big splash page it was about impossible to read anything. So I purged everything except Tintin and Scrooge McDuck. For some reason the old school stuff works fine in this format.

So now I will wade through my vast e-comic files on either the PC or laptop. I assume at this rate I will be reading them off the TV in the living room while sitting three feet from the screen. And spilling pepperoni grease on my remote control.

This did free up a couple of gigs on my iPad so I filled it with a few new books and of course, more music. Poor iTunes, it never saw such a schizophrenic collection of tunes. My guess is it sent a psychological profile to Cupertino and they’ll spend months trying to process it. “No, it is impossible for someone to shift from Mingus to Ulrich Schnauss to the Replacements to Gov’t Mule to Jacqueline du Pré. Tell the program we need more data.” Yeah, good luck with that boys.

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