Seize the moment, ‘cause tomorrow you might be dead.

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Last night we started a Buffy “rewatch”. We debated whether or not to start with the first season. The first season has always been seen as a weak beginning, especially in light of the greatness that was seasons two and three. Those two are about as good as television gets so it’s hard to watch season one, when the big story arcs have yet to take off and the young actors are on shaky ground. Nonetheless we decided we’d have to begin at the beginning.

The odd thing is, after watching the first three episodes, it’s better that we remembered. The show’s paltry budget is annoying, the directing is shaky, and some of the characters seem a little thin. But Willow pretty much started out on the right foot, SMG was spitting out those one-liners with authority, and the subtext is already growing. I can wait until we get to The Annoying…er, Anointed One.

We’ll probably run through the first five seasons. It’s all we have on DVD and the next two seasons left a bitter taste. But this should be fun. And horrifying. Later Scoobies.

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2 Responses to Seize the moment, ‘cause tomorrow you might be dead.

  1. adamlaredo says:

    Good for you. I’ve always thought the first season got slagged a bit heavily. Yes, it’s new and has a low budget, and that hurts. And some of the stand-alones … well, let’s not talk about the demon in the Internet. But the core episodes, the eps that push the overall “Buffy” mythology further, are damn fine. Good post.

  2. jeroljohnson says:

    Yah, the Internet demon is pretty awful. We haven’t got to that one yet but I dread it. Still, it’s not as bad as “Beer Bad”.

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