Won’t You Come Around to My Point of View


Office Space

I have wasted far too much time the last couple days trying to make our printer work. It’s this massive piece of dog stool from Brother, MFC-J5910DW. It keeps giving us this media error message and refuses to do anything. Twice I contacted the company via support chat and both times they were clueless as to how to reset this thing or remove that message. The company promised to call me but of course they didn’t. On the second chat they even lied about calling me and finding no one home on a day when we were home the entire day.

So I’m done with this fiasco. I’m throwing this thing into the garage and I’ll have to find some way to get the garbage men to take it, even if it means breaking it into pieces ala Office Space. Come to think of it, that might be the most satisfactory end. Where did I put that sledgehammer…


Someone from Brother’s customer service finally got through on my cell phone rather than the land line. Three days in a row they tried to transfer me to some engineering department and the call always dropped. Finally a gentleman from that department called on the land line and he got everything resolved. I won’t go into further details but this individual was a problem solver and bravo to him. Kudos to Brother for having and honoring a two year warranty as well. The sledgehammer has been put away.


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  1. “PC Load Letter. What the blankety-blank is that?”

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