We Got a Lot of Fixin’ Up to Do

Drugstore, Ray, North Dakota photo by Russell Lee, October 1937

Our small town is having a celebration and most everyone is working their butts off to make the town presentable. This morning I mowed the front lawn, pulled weeds, swept the garage… And soon the work on the inside of the house will begin with my Germanic overseer giving the house the white glove test. There’s a lot of dust to deal with in the summer.

It’ll be fun once things kick off. Friday night there’s an old fashioned jamboree of old timey music. I’ve got a few cousins that participate in that and it’s fun to just sit back and tap your feet. Saturday is the parade and after the parade the class of ’74 is having a dinner at the house across the street from us. Some of my best friends are in that class and they’ll be moseying on over. Plus two of the guys that grew up in the house behind ours will be in town. It’s going to be a full weekend.

So this might be my last post until Sunday. Too much to do the next few days. I advise you get out into the summer sun as well. This season has another month or so to go. As a wise man once said, Winter is Coming.

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One Response to We Got a Lot of Fixin’ Up to Do

  1. Excellent photo. Enjoy the festivities.

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