The Hand That Feeds


This is a photo taken today of my wife’s left hand. You might say that this is proof that no good deed goes unpunished but it won’t stop either of us from doing it again.

Thursday night we went to the gas station to get our new (used) vehicle fueled up. There was a dog wandering around the tanks. It was a young female huskie cross, filthy and with patches of fur missing. There were a couple people tossing her food and she was gorging herself. One of the people feeding her thought the dog lived a few blocks over but said the dog was prone to wandering all over town. My wife is incapable of ignoring a situation like this and within a half hour this rambunctious beast was storming around our house. She was clearly not used to being inside; a little too wild and frantic. The stray did not seem to mind cats, giving them a casual sniff and nothing more. Carjo gave her a bath which resulted in the bathroom being covered with water, suds, and clumps of fur. Man that dog stank.

After the bath I hustled her outside. A couple cats that were outside ran in once the stray was out. Sneakers stood inside the front door, congratulating himself for avoiding this rambunctious beast. And then Carjo let the damn dog back inside. Sneakers flipped out, hissing and flailing with his paws. My wife scrambled to pull Sneakers out of the situation and in his panic, he bit her between her thumb and forefinger. Sneakers took off for the man cave, Carjo ran to the bathroom to tend her wound, and the damn dog turned her attention to Jasper. I grabbed the dog around the chest and she went out the door. And when we were in bed, Sneakers crawled in between us and settled in, purring like an outboard motor. Apology accepted.

The next morning Carjo’s hand was swelling up and changing color, not to mention hurting like hell. Cat bites are awful for bacteria and that one went pretty deep. We took her to the Tioga clinic where they washed it then put her on antibiotics and pain meds. Over the weekend the wound changed for the better to the worse then better again. Once Carjo started soaking it in hot soapy water it seemed to take a permanent turn for the better. And that’s where we are today.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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