Avoiding Tangents and Procrastination

when you make the choice to go online

My ADHD is wonderful for procrastination and diving down Internet rabbit holes. I can lose hours just following one thing after another. Part of the issue with ADHD is you have no ability to make the correct choice simply because everything appears equal and you can’t prioritize. I’ve gotten better and developed some coping mechanisms in recent years but it’s been a hard battle. Sometimes a notion will pop up that seems worthy and it is just sabotage in disguise.

I picked up the reins on book two of my series and was marching along. Then, a couple days ago, I started looking at all the bookmarked sites and articles I had in the writing folder in my browser’s bookmarks. Yikes. I thought for a couple days that what I should be doing is reviewing all these and then, armed with new and formidable knowledge, go back to writing. But that’s bullshit. All I would be doing is finding an excuse to not put my nose to the grindstone. I’ve read and incorporated most everything that I’m going to. My interests are best served by writing and occasionally reviewing my outline and notes. If I need to look at the research bookmarks I’ve saved, I’ll do it when the need arises.

The Internet is a great temptation for the easily distracted and I’ve wasted far far too much time on it. I’m not unplugging or anything like that but I’ve done my best to manage the time wasted on social media or kvetching on forums. So it’s back to the grindstone as best I can while summer winds down. We’ve got a lot going on in the next several weeks so I need to focus on the time I have to write and not go wandering off into the e-wilderness. I’ll find my way back there in due time.

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  1. No more e-wilderness trips!

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