Rush to Recovery



We just got back from a few days in Bismarck where a member of the family underwent a medical procedure. I’m not going into details because such things are private but it’s done and we’re back. Then we had to schlep to a vet office 40 miles away to pick up Sneakers. He had some urinary blockage but he’s fine now. He spent an hour and a half outside this morning, patrolling his grounds and just breathing in the sweet air of freedom. Now he’s asleep on the man cave bed. His recovery is complete.

My own recovery is somewhat complete. I went to clinic on Monday and met with my surgeon. He said I came out of this far better than anyone predicted and assured me that the constant swelling will cease but it will takes months. In the meantime I am finally officially freed of using any kind of boot and have the go ahead to start limping on the treadmill. I could have danced out of that clinic but the best I could manage was a rhythmic shuffle.

I should mow the lawn but it’s too humid and I have to recover from all the running around I did the last couple days. Grass can wait another day. That’s a lesson that’s been hard for me to learn.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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