Comes a Time…


…when a piece of electronics gives up the ghost. For four years I have been nursing along the JVC receiver that my parents had. It powers the speakers in my man cave and while it does not offer the oomph and class that the amplifier in the living room does, it’s fine for what I use it for. Various inputs/outputs have failed and the entire speaker “A” section was lost last year. A few weeks ago the right side gave out entirely.

This was not part of my master plan. I wanted it to hang in there long enough until I replaced the components in the living room and moved those components into the man cave. That was to happen in a couple years. But the JVC was at least thirty years old and that’s a long life for a piece of inexpensive electronics. So I went to Amazon and found a Yamaha receiver to take its place. The price was right and Yamaha is fairly sturdy. It arrived today and I spent the better part of the morning wiring it up. The speaker wires I was using were all too short so I cut new lengths of heavy gauge wire. The insulation on that stuff is about as unyielding as concrete and stripping the lengths was an exercise in frustration. But it’s done, everything is hooked up, and it is an improvement. I cranked up Zeppelin loud enough to shake the floor joists for a test and later played some Sam Smith for my wife.

Somewhere back in my mind, my parents are whispering “well don’t throw that away, someone could use it or fix it up.” Ha. I’d never get around to fixing it and it will just collect dust. It goes out with the rest of the garbage Tuesday. If there is one thing I learned cleaning all of my parents junk out of this house is, never attach sentiment to something that is easily replaced and doesn’t work. And if and when the Yamaha gives up the ghost it’ll go out the door as well. Sentiment and memories are best served for what matters and it’s taken me a long time to figure that out.

Have a good weekend.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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One Response to Comes a Time…

  1. Strong move, Jerol. Listen well.

    I moved one of my first pieces of gear, an integrated Akai to storage at my sister’s about ten years ago. She sold it off at a garage sale (all part of the agreement) and now I wish I had it. I’m probably better off without it, but still…

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