I Call It The Family Truckster


Our adventures with Mercury Land Yachts (TM) is somewhat over. The older one is now in the care and custody of my mother-in-law and the 2005 is in the garage cooling its heels until I feel nostalgic. We’ve bought a 2006 Chrysler Pacifica from my brother. Yep, we’re now riding all wheel drive. 

If AWD makes any sense, it’s in the northern parts of the US where we get snowfall from November (or hell, October) to March (or even April). The streets in this town are packed with snow from the start of the season until the spring finally gets the temperatures above 40. The Mercuries have rear wheel drive and are about as stable on snow or ice as a two month old puppy. My MiL will be fine because she is in Bismarck where streets get plowed. Plus she never drives out of town. But we’re always on the run and we needed something more stable. 

The Pacifica isn’t my dream vehicle but it does have several pluses. I’m no longer sitting in a low bench seat, cramping my right leg. There’s heated seats, multi-disc CD player, inputs for another device, and a sun roof. But it’s the clearance under the wheels and the ability to get through snow that make me happy. I’ll no longer have to sweat going out of town when there’s been an inch or two of snow. Instead I’ll sweat about meth-fueled, southern-born, semi-pro truckers whose only winter experience is watching Ice Road Truckers. We’ve got lots of them fools up here. 

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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