Coming to Terms with Digital Convenience


It’s a cold day up here. The cats can’t decide whether to go out or stay in and I can’t decide how many layers of clothing it will take for me to go downtown to get the mail. It’s a day for sitting inside and reading. The question is, on what format?

I just finished Steven Erikson’s Dust of Dreams, the ninth of ten doorstops in the Malazan Book of the Fallen series. I hadn’t read anything in this series and it would have been ridiculously confusing had not TOR done a massive reread of the entire series, breaking it down chapter by chapter, scene by scene. That got me through and it was worth the effort. The last two chapters were the most insane, action-packed, ball-to-the-wall crazy crack Erikson has done since the climax of Memories of Ice and it left me with a smile on my face. It’s all thanks to my iPad.

I love reading a physical copy. To a bibliophile like me, there is nothing like the sensation of having a book between my hands, turning each precious page. But I live in a house with little overhead lighting and let’s face it, my middle-aged eyes need all the help they can get. Carjo loves to watch TV and movies in a dim room, keeps most of our house in a low glow. It’s hard for me to find a spot with enough illumination to read without strapping a headlamp on. That’s right, I do have a headlamp for reading in bed at night. But with the iPad, I can read anywhere. So while a lot of books go unread because I have them only in physical form, I can plow through the digital stuff with ease. 

I won’t stop buying physical books but it appears that this is another aspect of digital life I have succumbed to. It’s a sad realization. The iPad offers me none of the tangential sensations I get from turning pages and I will miss that. Maybe next summer, when the sun returns…

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