Yesterday It Was My Birthday, I Hung One More Year On The Line


That’s a Paul Simon line. He might have actually wrote that one. Paul has a nasty reputation for ripping off collaborators. Just do a search for “Paul Simon Los Lobos” and you’ll get some unexpected dirt. I like Los Lobos much more that I like Paul Simon, so fuck him.

It was my birthday yesterday. Carjo and I drove to Minot. She had a doctor appointment, Pippin had a grooming appointment, and I took most of the money my sister-in-law gave me (thanks!) to buy some birthday beer. It’s their FFOK Imperial IPA, a stellar beast of a beer and because it’s in a growler, I’ll have to polish it off this weekend.

Tomorrow the Bison of North Dakota State will play the University of the Incarnate Word on national television. For Incarnate word it’s a good deal. If you’re going to be a sacrificial lamb for a behemoth like NDSU, you might as well do it on television and get some exposure out of the deal. Once again, Fargo is hosting EPSN’s game day and like last year, it’s going to be insane downtown. I’ll just sit back with my ankle on ice, watching the chaos on and off the field, working on my buzz.

It will be my only football of the weekend (boycotting the NFL for the near future or until Goodell resigns, we’ll see). Sunday might be a warm fall day. I think we’ll go out to the farm and walk the land. That beats football any day.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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