Hail the Bison…But No One Else


Today I’ll watch my NDSU Bison carve up the Cardinals from the University of the Incarnate Word. As promised this is the only football I will watch this weekend.

Here’s an abbreviated tally for misdeeds in the NFL. So far we’ve got a guy who punches out his wife (Ravens), a player actually convicted of assaulting his girlfriend (Carolina), a murdering tight end (Patriots), another domestic abuser (49ers), a team owner that sexually assaulted an exotic dancer (Dallas), and now a Minnesota Viking that took a “switch” to the bare ass of a four year old.

My good friend Thundering Bear often talks about the corrupting influence of money on all aspects of American life. The NFL is no exception. The league makes a massive amount of money each season and they have little incentive to implement any kind a change until all these misdeeds start affecting their bottom line. So if you’re a football fan, join us in our boycott and hit them in their jockstraps in the only way meaningful to them. Because if they start losing advertising money, endorsements, and asses in those seats it will be the only way they will pay attention.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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