Been Dazed and Confused All Week


Saturday I started having back issues. Just a little twinge at the spot below my left shoulder blade. I tore this area pretty bad when I was in grade school and it has plagued me ever since. Sometimes it’s just a discomfort and other times it goes into spasms that feel like a great bird of prey is digging into my back with steel-tipped talons. Every forty-five seconds. I tried going to the massage therapist in town to stave it off but that didn’t work. Monday afternoon I was in the clinic, writhing in my chair with every stab of pain. I got a prescription for muscle relaxants which is about the only thing that can kill this. And it takes a LOT of them to do it. So though the pain and spasms were all gone by the next morning, I was groggy and unsteady until last night. Now I’m out of the fog and able to somewhat type legible sentences. So I’m fine. And half a year, a year from now, I’ll strain it again. I have just enough pills left to get me through that one. I think.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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