Falling into Autumn

1380794014101After weather in the 90s, we have now fallen back to normality. This weekend was cool and windy. The leaves are turning and falling fast. We drove through the White Earth Valley last week and the colors were breathtaking. I know when we drive through next week many of those trees will be barren. That’s the way it is when you live this far north of anywhere else in the US.

The school offers high school kids to do chores for community members. My wife always is frustrated by me trying to do jobs that are either at the edge of my abilities with my ankle or just too strenuous for someone my age. She has threatened for a couple years to call them up and two weeks ago she did. There is a patch of ground bordering the south side of the garage. It is overgrown with rhubarb and weeds. It is also the site of our pet cemetery. I’ve tried to battle it but pulling rhubarb with one steady leg or any work low to the ground about kills me. She called the school and asked for someone that could do some yard work.

Friday morning two high school boys showed up in a beat up SUV. One of them went to work on the patch behind the garage while the other mowed the back yard. In half an hour both of them were done. Damn, I wish I had that kind of energy. The pet cemetery is clean now, ready for winter and the back yard, whose uneven terrain is torture for me to push a mower across, is done for the season. I mowed the front lawn a half hour ago and that should be it for mowing. My last fall chores will be raking leaves, taking the hedge trimmer to some perennials we always cut down, and stringing orange lights on the shrubs for Halloween/Thanksgiving.

It’s been a battle this year keeping up with the outside of the house. I’m usually happy doing those chores but this year they’ve been a stress. Somehow I suspect shoveling snow is going to be easier than mowing or pulling weeds. Please note, I am not wishing for snow. I’d like to enjoy a long crisp autumn, eating apples and watching the cats chase the leaves in the wind. Winter can wait.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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