Caturday – Two Old Men and a Little Girl


There are feral cats in our neighborhood and the neighbors are working to get them rounded up. The male cats are nasty and territorial. Daniel and Sneakers have been rather territorial in response and had managed to convince these tomcats that our yard is not welcome to them. The females are perpetually pregnant and hard to catch. All but one has been snared and sent out to the country to live as barn cats, which is still better than the life they had. The kittens are now scattered among a few houses up and down our block. Of course one of them ended up here. And there she sits, napping with the big boys on a soft fluffy blanket. For some reason she worships Jasper and think Sneakers is the bees knees. I’m just glad she fits in and faces a winter inside, with a full belly, plenty of toys, and a quite warm place to nap. It’s what every animal deserves.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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