The Difference Between Early and Late Fall


The tree in the center of this photo was covered in russet leaves a couple days ago and it was beautiful. Temperatures last week ranged between the 70s and 60s during the daytime and it was lovely. Today it’s in the 30s and rain is misting down. The cats are upset because they weren’t ready to resign from the Fall Hunt yet. Carjo threw Sansa and Arya out for taking out their frustration on each other. That pretty much took the piss and vinegar out of them.

It’s not winter yet but our first snow can’t be real far away. The latest predictions suggest a mild winter but those long range forecasts are as often wrong as they are right. Soon enough the Alberta Clipper will push down its thumb on Montana and then North Dakota. The parade of good ol’ boys n’ girls leaving this state will be slow, bitter, and complete by January.

The cat’s bitterness will fade soon enough. Daniel will go from hunting all day to sleeping all day. They’ll take to their winter beds, rising to eat and bat toys around, maybe running a few wind sprints down the hall, through the kitchen, and sliding into the living room. Then sleep again. Sounds like a solid plan to me.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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