For My Deer Wife’s Anniversary


Yesterday it was our 35th wedding anniversary. Sunday night we had dinner with the Pharmaceuticals and went to see James Taylor at the Xcel Center in St Paul. My wife had been stricken with a nasty head cold but she soldiered through it. Monday we drove home.

It’s a six hundred mile trip that seems endless, and Carjo was miserable. But we were determined to get home and to pick up our dog on the way. Pippin was boarded at a kennel in the middle of nowhere, down several miles of gravel roads. It was about eight thirty at night, pitch black because of the cloud cover, and I was traveling slow because there are deer in the valley we were crossing. But I guess I wasn’t going slow enough. A young buck with more vigor than brains leaped out in front of us. Despite trying to turn the car to the side and slamming on the brakes, we hit him and I think knocked him off his feet and away from our path. The Family Truckster was still fit to drive so I pushed on to get to the kennel. The damn deer could fend for itself.

On the way back we slowed to a crawl to try and find him. But he wasn’t laying on the roadside or in the shallow ditch, there was no sign of blood. He just vanished back into the night, no doubt with a helluva side ache and a story to tell. I’ve got a slightly bent hood, the left headlight glass is all gone (but the bulbs still work), and a crumpled front quarter panel. And a $500 deductible to pay. Having just afforded a trip to the Cities and with multiple trips to Bismarck in our immediate future, I’m less than pleased. It took me a long time to get to a normal mood this morning.

But here’s my annual tribute to my wife, who really is dear to me. She spent all morning in bed but is functioning now. We’ve made it to another landmark anniversary and hope to see many more. Provided the deer stay out of our headlights.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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