The Reward of a Job Partially Done

P1010183This is a little something I poured for myself last night. It was a toast to survival and a meditation of how much there is still to be done.

Over the weekend we moved my mother-in-law into an assisted living facility. She has spent twenty-two years in a senior living complex in Bismarck and the great thing was, the new facility was only six blocks away. But it was still moving and moving always sucks. Carjo and I managed it as best we could, even fitting MiL’s recliner into the back of the Family Truckster, where the bottom of it protruded from the hatch like a bulbous blue beetle. The whole thing was a massive exercise in frustration and a lot of those details I’ll leave out just for the sake of family privacy. Both my wife and I were still suffering with head colds, and my version of it gave me a ridiculous case of insomnia. Thursday and Friday nights I got probably four hours of sleep. That’s not a good foundation for stamina. Oh, and there our first winter storm system threatening to move in Saturday night. Good times.

But we got ‘er done. By late Saturday afternoon the MiL was set up in the facility, complaining about not finding the dining room and why wasn’t her phone working. Her old apartment is a mess that we’ll have to come back to Bismarck and deal with. I’ve got to figure out how to get her couch moved into the new facility. And there’s a local charity that will hopefully take the rest of her furniture.

We are burnt out from running around. There have been numerous trips to Bismarck leading up to this, the long run to and from Minneapolis which I mentioned in the previous post, and now the Family Truckster has indicator lights going off and heavy damage to the front corner of the passenger side. I think I might just let that gas thief slumber for a few weeks. I think I might slumber for a few weeks. Or at least until Thanksgiving we when try to finish up where we left off in Bismarck.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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