Gets a Little Cold on the Foot Pads

P1010186This is Sansa taking some baby steps outside. The three cats most accustomed to going outside are still a bit frustrated by the appearance of January weather in mid-November. They see the sun is shining and hey, it must be nice out. Actual “feels like” temperature at this moment is a frosty one above.

Apparently “Feels Like” is a combination of the heat index and the wind chill indicators. I don’t know if it is more accurate than the old wind chill charts but my brief exposure out there did indeed feel like it was around zero. Zero is cold. It’s not bitter cold, which I figure is about fifteen below or lower. My sister-in-law referred to it in an email as ass-bite cold. I can see the logic in that. An unprotected ass would surely be bitten in such weather.

The image I am using on my PC for my desktop features a young woman standing on the second rail of a corral, somewhere in the front range of the Rockies. There is about a half foot of snow on the ground. For aesthetic purposes, she is not wearing pants. Which proves it’s all about acclimation. What feels cold in November becomes temperate in January. Sansa might come scrambling back in now after five minutes outside but when it’s about zero in January that might mean half an hour outside. A strong woman of the American West might freeze her booty in November but come a January thaw, she might be compelled to bare her buns to the breeze. Just the same, I’ll keep mine inside until at least May.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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