When Dinosaurs Walked the Earth

Led Zeppelin MSG 1973

Found this great photo in an article about Jimmy Page’s new autobiography/photo collection. I still don’t know if I’ll get this book, it’s about fifty bucks and funds are tight right now. They always are this time of year. Now the Zeppelin reissues are another matter. I get those the week of release. The bonus tracks are OK. I’m not much for studio outtakes. But the live album that accompanied LZ I was just raw muscle and grit. No wonder they had such a reputation for destroying headliners when they were starting out.

We won’t see these days again, where music defined a generation. Now the audience is too divided, caught up in different mediums (like games) and social networking or smart phones. The music market is hopelessly fragmented and the news of an album going gold or platinum is a rarity. That used to be a common occurrence.

I’m not trying to get a “get off my lawn” guy about this. To each generation their own. Then again…our music was WAY better because it was all we had and it mattered.

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  1. By circumstances, it can’t be the same.

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