The Road Goes Ever On


This week I put a pair of running shoes on. I haven’t been able to do that since the accident. The left foot has been swollen to at least a couple sizes bigger and all I’ve worn is oversize sandals and slippers. Getting my old shoes on again, even for a few hours, was a significant triumph. Not to mention it’s winter now and I need something on my feet when I go outside. I also need something on my feet when I start exercising.

See, we got our treadmill fixed today. It developed this annoying habit of pausing without warning and then starting up again. This is annoying in that it throws the person walking or running on it into a wall. You don’t want that. So it’s been out of commission for a few months.

Because we are in such a rural area, getting service on something like this is difficult. We did have the foresight to get an extended warranty from Sears when we bought it and this is the second time that has paid off. The repair guys live in a small town in eastern Montana that is a hundred and seventy miles away from here but hey, Sears pays the gas so who cares. They ordered parts after talking to me on the phone and making a guess as to what the problem might be. Then came very long wait for the parts to come in. Yesterday I got a call that they got what they need and someone would be here the next morning. Hallelujah.

When the guy showed up today, he replaced the big switchboard in the guts of the treadmill because that was a lot easier than replacing the motor. And that indeed turned out to be the problem. He tightened the belt which was very loose and we cleaned out what the cats had managed to get stuck inside it. The repair man and I got it maneuvered back into place on its rubber mat and we’re ready to go. Carjo had this dream of moving this beast out of her office and to the downstairs but I think that can wait until this spring. Even with the top portion and legs off, the bottom section weighs about three hundred pounds. Yeah, it can definitely wait until spring.

I have not had much exercise since breaking my ankle. A recent visit to the doctors office confirmed that I have gained a lot of weight in the interim and that’s not good at my age. But I just got on the treadmill and found out that I can achieve a decent pace. So from here on out it’s a little bit every other day until I can get up to doing a couple miles. Maybe by then I can switch to running. Cross your fingers for me.

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One Response to The Road Goes Ever On

  1. Kathy says:

    Getting back into exercise after a long break (no pun intended) can be daunting.. I think it only fair that Sneaks and gang show their support by working out next to you on their very own cat treadmill. 🙂

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