We Come From the Land of the Ice and Snow


It’s snowing right now, a fine light powder that is steady and unrelenting. I plowed a path along the driveway to push the garbage can to the curb. It filled back in within an hour. The weather services have been warning that this snow with get wetter and slicker. And that’s a problem.

My wife had a medical appointment today in Minot. That’s approximately 90+ miles. The Family Truckster could deal with that but the problem is the return trip would be driving on slippery roads. Slippery roads infested with southern-born meth addicts driving enormous trucks as fast as they can. So Carjo called the doctor’s office and got them to reschedule. They had no counter to our argument. We’ll stay home, unpacking more of my mother-in-law’s discards and watching the snow pile up. Two of the cats ventured out and didn’t last long. Sansa even had to climb on my chest to warm up once she came back inside, her fur flecked with snowflakes.

I’ll get back to work on converting the old prologue of my book into a short story. It’s not the easiest thing I’ve ever written but it’s workable. And it certainly beats sliding across the highway, nails digging into the steering wheel.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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