Cold Wind to Valhalla


For the third time this week I have shoveled the driveway, clearing out tiny dry pellets of snow that somehow want to bind and cling despite their lack of moisture. It’s starting to take it’s toll that no amount of leftover pumpkin pie can alleviate. This morning took two twenty-five minute sessions to get the job done. It is very cold and that’s when you can actually kill yourself doing this. Exertion and exercise are good things, except in severe cold.

This morning the actual temperature was about six above with a wind chill of sixteen. I can gauge cold as keenly as an Eskimo and even with the small amount of wind we had this morning it had a substantial bite to it. Just after that I went out to get some groceries and it was light snow again with the wind picking up. Visibility facing into the wind wasn’t more than a few blocks. Now the snow has stopped but the temperature has hit the zero mark and the wind chill into the minus twenties. The dog has little desire to go outside even though I have cleared several paths for him to explore.

Weather like this is always fun to watch from the inside of the house. It’s like staring into the abyss while being just out of its reach. You watch a gust of wind rattle the branches and pick up a swirl of snow, a desiccated leaf comes out of nowhere and skitters across the lawn, yet another white pickup surges past with a driver who is quite convinced he can get to the bar downtown yet doesn’t have a clue how to drive on snow. Carjo is napping with Sneakers, I’m on my laptop in the living room with some icy music on the stereo and a stick of nag champa burning. And tomorrow I’ll go out to battle the drifts again.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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