Caturday: The Witch-Queen of the House


This is Arya, looking quite bitchy. This is nothing new for Arya. Despite the fact that she is draping herself across my right arm and chest as I type this, she can be a real piece of work. She is the number one female in this house and the only male cat she defers to is the aging Jasper. Arya did challenge Jasper last spring, trying to move him out of his spot on the bed in the man cave. That didn’t go well for her. But the rest of the house pretty much bends to her indomitable will.

Arya does not share. If she has the attention of the humans she brooks no interference. If we’re laying in bed and she decides to join us, she will lay into anyone (other than Jasper) that dares violate her enjoyment of said humans. And she does enjoy her humans. She has a little peep of a meow that is for demanding attention. Arya doesn’t require long periods of maintenance, the most time she ever spends sitting on my lap or sprawling across my chest is no more than twenty minutes. She has been know to spend the entire night with us, provided no one else gets on the bed and pisses her off. Sneakers has developed a technique of waiting until she’s asleep and then jumping up above my head, well out of her range. The rest just stay the hell away.

In the summer, she is insatiable in her need to be outside. Despite having no front claws her body count is substantial. We feared she would drive us nuts going stir crazy but she made the leap to being sedentary with remarkable ease. She watches birds and rabbits through the windows in the morning and then takes a long afternoon nap. Followed by an evening nap. Followed by eight hours of serious sleep. Wash, rinse, repeat.  It’s good to be the queen.

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I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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