That Festive and Pleasant Glow


Yesterday I took our illuminated pink flamingo out of the basement and got her set up outside. I usually set her up before the ground is frozen solid but winter came early so it was a real struggle getting her staked out and supported.

After Christmas last year I had big plans going forward. I was going to get lights set up on the eaves across the front of the house and get that twelve foot evergreen strung up. Instead the ankle thing happened and it’s a struggle just to climb two steps on a ladder. So next season it is. And I’ll make sure I get everything set up for the flamingo after I cut the lawn for the last time.

Please note the bread behind the first shrub. We try to keep that up all winter for the little things that winter here. Carjo puts out bird seed. Our predatory cats are content with sitting inside and watching the action. Then they curl up on a warm bed, dreaming of murder and mayhem. And maybe of taking out that flamingo.

About jeroljohnson

I guess I'm the crying on the inside kind of clown
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